About Us

Civil engineering fundamentals are the oldest engineering branch. Civil engineers play an active role in shaping the earth. Design, calculation and development of carrier systems, railway, road and water structures are some of the work areas of civil engineers. As an interdisciplinary department, it provides students with wide opportunities for career choice.

In this period when the need to establish sustainable technical and social systems is understood all over the world, there are many tasks that fall on civil engineers. Therefore, in recent years, there has been an increasing demand for civil engineering expertise in the construction industry, service industry, universities and research institutes, international companies. Civil engineers, who can develop solutions from a wide pool of expertise and know how to use resources in the most effective way, will meet this demand. Our aim is to ensure that civil engineering is taught by taking support from various fields of science according to the needs of our age.

On the other hand, the experience gained in the undergraduate program of civil engineering provides general teachings in the stages of design, manufacturing and management, and does not provide specialization. Meeting the need for specialists will be possible by providing sub-departmental graduate education in civil engineering, such as building and earthquake, building materials, geotechnics, transportation, hydraulics and construction management. In addition, one of the first requirements for a department to be involved in advanced research activities is to have a master's program.