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Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is one of the oldest engineering disciplines. Civil engineers play an important role in planning, building and shaping our environment. Civil engineers design, calculate and extend supporting structures, engineering structures, road and rail infrastructure, water supply systems and much more. The interdisciplinary nature of this course allows students a wide range of career choices.

Today it is widely accepted that social and technical systems must be built sustainably, which can largely be counted among the tasks of the civil engineer. That is why there has been a great demand for civil engineering knowledge in the construction industry, in the service sector, in universities and research institutes and in international companies in recent years. This demand must be met with Civil Engineers who have the extensive skills and know-how to design solutions and use resources as effectively as possible. Our goal is to make civil engineering studies as modern as possible and in connection with a wide range of scientific disciplines.

The students of the Turkish-German University receive diplomas and certificates that are recognized in Germany. German academics and lecturers have short and long-term teaching and research stays at the Turkish-German University. Take advantage of the offers of our partner university, the TU Berlin, and experience a university education recognized in the German education system.

The course is structured in such a way that the internationally most sought-after qualifications in the construction industry are taught. With an interdisciplinary approach, the aim is to train civil engineers who can design, develop and optimize sustainable systems from an economic, ecological and socio-technical point of view. Stays abroad for internships are funded with the help of the foreign connections of our lecturers. In this way, it is targeted that our graduates are proficient in three languages ​​and have experience abroad.

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